Complementary Care

Pet Therapy

Our pets offer companionship and social engagement to improve overall quality of life.

Art Therapy

This outlet provides an opportunity for patients to reflect and create legacy through the encouragement of creativity.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy helps with symptom management and reminiscing through music recall.

Close-up of a Relaxed Woman Having Reiki Healing Treatment


A Gentle Therapy that uses the patient’s energy field to promote relaxation and comfort.

Biracial female physiotherapist giving back massage therapy to caucasian senior man at home

Massage Therapy

Tender touch provides soothing comfort, relaxation, and stress relief.

Close up of general handing folded American flag to woman

Veteran Supprort

Our Veteran Support Specialist will provide one-on-one support for any veteran or spouse of veteran on service with us.

Robotic Cat

Offers dementia patients the opportunity to safely interact with a pet surrogate to provide a sensory stimulating experience.

Preserving Dignity And Respect When It Matters Most

Turn and Assist Device

Faith & Family Hospice is offering a turn-assist device that enables one caregiver to easily roll a person while in bed.

The device is “W” shaped pillow designed to stabilize the lower extremities and aid in easily rolling and repositioning.

The device has a Velcro strap that can be secured over the bed rail, holding the patient safely on their side while care is provided.

The device improves the comfort of the patient and caregivers while reducing the risk of injuries.

The device is waterproof and able to be wiped-clean with disinfectant wipes.

Richard lights up when Evy plays her guitar and signs for him, and Tamara is wonderful with him. 

Susan P.

The family would like to thank the staff and nurses of Faith & Family Hospice for the loving care they gave Dot and Jack during her final months. 

Family Member of Dot and Jack

My family and I wish to express great appreciation for the care and support provided by all Faith & Family staff. 

Anna W.

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