Marilyn Drisko 86 Years Young

Marylin Drisko

Marilyn Drisko 86 Years Young

86 years young, she was still in charge and always moving! Before Marilyn’s passing, she described the landscape and admits to wearing a helmet as she shared that she loved to ride in this beautiful park she calls home at Brookdale Cushing Park.

So, is age just a number? It sure is when it comes to Marilyn who told the story of being the last surviving team member of 5 who traveled across 13 states and Canada, riding a bike. She had already sold a bike the week we met, and she still had her red, 3-wheeled electric bike, with a shiny mirror sitting in her living room which prompted me to ask about her adventures. She also had a cute bell on her wheeled walker, exclaiming her excitement to have people move out of her way as she roamed the halls.

Marilyn was not dying – she was living her best life! I love how she smiled and was proud of her accomplishments. Marilyn had a great outlook on life, something we all can admire! 

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, Marilyn. May you rest in peace.

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